Being a Research Participant

Becoming part of the solution- be a clinical research participant.

Cardiology Wellness Center is proud to announce that we have been selected as investigational study site for several national and international clinical trials examining whether new experimental and currently available diabetic, lipid lowering, and weight-loss medications have an impact on heart and blood vessel diseases.

As part of our efforts to participate in the greater scientific community, Cardiology Wellness Center is proud to have been selected to be the site for several large national and international trials examining the effects of several new pharmaceutical agents on cardiovascular outcomes and mortality. We have been chosen as one of a limited number of research sites in the United States that is enrolling patients to be observed over the next four to five years to understand the potential benefits of newer diabetic, lipid lowering, and weight controlling medications on cardiovascular diseases. Heart and vascular diseases are the major cause of death in the diabetic patient.

These trials are important to determine future treatment and affect how healthcare is delivered on a national and international level for generations to come. These safe, well-monitored clinical trials provide us with the data necessary to improve healthcare, but without research participants, we simply cannot conduct this important work.

If you are over 18 years of age and have type 2 diabetes and have a prior history of a heart attack, peripheral vascular disease, or stroke, you may be able to participate in these trials.

Find out below some of the reasons people participate in these clinical trials:

  • Contribution to medical science. By your submitting for the study, you are helping clinical research and in doing so, helping others in the future. These trials offer invaluable information for medical science. You should feel a great deal of satisfaction in knowing that you are contributing to clinical information that may be useful in determining future clinical guidelines and may answer important therapeutic questions.
  • Altruism. You should feel a sense of fulfillment in knowing that your participation  is helping medical science.The drugs that you are now taking are the result of of other individuals, like yourself, who participated in clincial trials that found that your medications were useful for your medical conditions.
  • Availability to novel and new medications. You will be receiving treatment (depending on randomization) and some laboratory testing that you may not be able to afford or obtain otherwise. The possible treatments available through these studies include a number of branded and novel but promising medications; being in one of these studies may allow you access to medicaitons not available to you.
  • Stipend for patient. Additionally, you will receive a stipend for each visit to compensate you for travel and time expenses.

If  interested in being part of the soultion of future health care treatments, please contact our research staff (615) 884-4425. One of our friendly staff can make an appointment to assess whether you are a candidate for any of the clinical trails in which we are involved.