Patient Responsibility for Own Care

How is the individual involved in his or her treatment and health?

We believe that the ultimate responsibility and accountability of one’s health lies with the individual. The Cardiology Wellness Center is founded on the principles of facilitating health by providing the resources to assist an individual in reaching their highest health potential. However, we see our role as a facilitator but delegate the ultimate responsibility of implementation of the treatment to the individual patient. We try to empower the  individual patient to take charge of their health.

Health as a Lifestyle

Active participation by the individual is necessary, if attempts to maximize health, to prevent diseases or to treat an existing condition are to be successful. Making healthy lifestyle choices are essential to ensure that medical treatments are successful. Under the best of circumstances, the best medical treatments are undermined by the poor lifestyle choices of a person.

For example, continuing to smoke cigarettes neutralize and negates the beneficial effects of a successful treatment of high blood pressure. The resources available in this website should be a good starting point to help those in their efforts to be healthy.

The Cardiology Wellness Center aims to deliver the safest and most efficient patient care possible but understands that the health of an individual can only be attained when the individual takes charge of her/his health needs with the  support and guidance of a trusting health care provider.