Follow-Up Visit

Purpose of the Consultation

The purpose of the follow-up office visit varies depending on the conditions of the patient. If acute prolems are being examined, the aim of the consultation is to understand the clinical significance of the symptoms and to determine treatment as needed. If chronic issues are being monitored, then various surveillance and diagnostic tools are apt to be used and their results reviewed at the timeof the consultation.

The primary goal of the follow-up visits is to clarify your clinical condition, disease state, and general health. Recent medical data collected using laboratory and imaging testing will be reviewed. Information regarding lifestyle choices and recommendations will be offered. The original concern will be addressed in the context of the recently learned information.

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First start with follow-up patient’s check list: Check List – provides you a check list of things to do prior to your next visit.

Patient Portal

After registering for portal access, informaiton regarding your visit, including lab reports and office notes, can be obtained through the patient portal. To learn more….

Patient Portal

Privacy Policy

At Cardiology Wellness Center, we take seriously our obligations to maintain the strictest measures to protect your personal information. Our privacy policy is enclosed for your review: Privacy Notice.

After reviewing this policy, please acknowledge by signing the attached form your understanding of your rights as a patient: Patient Confidential Preferences.