First Visit

Purpose of the First Visit

The primary goal of the first visit is to understand the needs of the individual seeking our medical consultative services. A patient’s specific complaints or symptoms are carefully evaluated and are placed within a context of the individual’s own social and family history.

Heart and Stethoscope

An assessment of the cardiovascular health status of the individual is determined using a wide range of tests, including, but not limited to, echocardiography, ultrasound  examination of the neck and leg arteries, exercise stress testing (using both nuclear and echocardiographic imaging), CT evaluation of the coronary and other arterial systems, and even PET and MRI imaging (if necessary),  Needless to say, the choice of the examining tests depends upon the specific needs of the patient. Certain laboratory examination are also used generally to assess the risk of the individual, including specializing risk assessment tools, nutrition analysis, and lipid testing.

Once the evaluation is completed, treatment options are offered that best meets the needs of the iindividual based upon their own cutlural and philosophical views on health. We try to provide efficient and affordable care and help choose the best medical and naturopathic agents depending upon insurance formulary dictates and personal financial concerns.

The process of securing the necessary information to analyze an individual’s health begins with a careful history. We would prefer your filling out an in-depth personal history prior to coming to the first visit, which is provided below.  In addition, a packet of information, primarily administrative, including information and directions about the practice, is available below that requires your completing preferably before comin g to your first visit.

You may need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view come of these forms. To download a free copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader,  Click Here.

  • An introduction letter is enclosed that provides information about the practice and directions to the office: Letter to New Patients
  • Let us know about you. Pleased fill out this informationtional sheet so that we can reach you when necessary, reach others in case of emergency, and know how to bill you for your services. You may use either  Patient Information Form  or CWC Office Registration Form
  • Be sure to use the Patient Checklist to make sure you have everything you need before your second appointment: As noted in the checklist, there are additional clinical and administrative documents that are necess ary to prepare prior to coming to your first visit (if possible): Letter to New Patients Check List
  • Now, after all of that administrative information, tell us the main reasons for your visit. The more you reveal, the easier it will be for me to evaluate your problems. New Patient Health Questionaire
  • If you would like for us to review your medical file, your will need to share your medical records with our staff. A formal written request is needed to request and secure your records from your other providers: CWC Patient Confidential Preferences

Privacy Issues

At Cardiology Wellness Center, we take seriously our obligations to maintain the strictest measures to protect your personal information. Our privacy policy is enclosed for your review: Privacy Notice CWC.

After reviewing this policy, please acknowledge by signing the attached form your understanding of your rights as a patient: Patient Confidential Preferences

Patient Portal

After registering for portal access, informaiton regarding your visit, including lab reports and office notes, can be obtained through the patient portal. To learn more....

Patient Portal

If you are interested in knowing more about the mission and phiosophy behind our practice, please click here.