Being A Patient

First Visit:

Our Approach

The purpose of an office visit varies depending on conditions of the patient. The primary goal of the first visit is to understand the needs of the individual seeking our medical consultative services. To learn more….       

First Time Patient

Follow-up Visit

The primary goal of the follow-up visits is to further clarify your clinical condition, disease state, and general health. Recent medical data collected using laboratory and imaging testing will be reviewed. To learn more….    

Follow-up Patient

Patient Responsibilities

The Cardiology Wellness Center is founded on the principles of facilitating health by providing the resources to assist an individual in reaching his or her highest health potential. To learn more….  

Patient Responsibility

Patient Resources for Office Visits

Between downloading the New Patient Checklist to prepare for your fist visit and utilizing the Cardiovascular Event Risk Calculator, you will discover many useful tools available for use. To learn more….

Patient Resources