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The first thing we do is to listen and try to understand your needs.

We at the Cardiology Wellness Center pride ourself in facilitating health programs that are individualized, avoiding cook-book solutions, which take into account the individual’s own perspectives about health treatment and medications. We believe that the best treatment plans emerge when the individual patient is actively involved in the process of their own health. Treatment plans are designed to offer the benefits of multiple health disciplines and commonly use alternative medical approaches. Therapeutic lifestyle changes are emphasized. Personal accountability for one’s dietary and exercise activities is stressed.

We are particularly skilled in treating cardiovascular and metabolic conditions, such as hypertension, lipid disorders, insulin resistance and diabetes, as well as the full spectrum of cardiovascular diseases, including coronary artery diseases (e.g., heat attacks), cerebrovascular diseases (e.g., strokes and transient ischemic attacks), arrhythmias (e.g., atrial fibrillation), and heart failure.

Taking BP with Stethoscope

Although we are adept in treating diseases, our primary distinction from other conventional practices is our focus on prevention. If you are at risk for a disease, it is our aim to reduce its likelihood; if you already have a disease, it is our goal to ensure that it does not progress; and if you have the unfortunate situation to have a late-staged disease, it is our mission to minimize its effects on your lifestyle and to ease its burden on you and your family.

Lab Testing

Besides the traditional cardiology battery of imaging and diagnostic services, here at the Cardiology Wellness Center, we offer many specialized laboratory and testing services, which can provide insightful information about your current health status, not gleaned from conventional testing. For example, some of these tests can provide in depth information about potential toxic, metabolic, oxidative, and nutritional conditions of your body.

When coupled with personalized appointments with Dr. Hal Roseman, these services provide the opportunity to prevent diseases and treat symptoms.

Some of the Specialized Lipid and Cardiovascular Risk Assessment Laboratory services that we use, including:
We also use when warranted specialized functional, nutritional, and hormonal testing services, which include:

Patient Portal for Communication.

We also offer a state of the art system in which patients can read their own lab reports, contact the Cardiology Wellness Center, and request appointments (along with several other key features) called the Patient Portal. To learn more about this service, click here:

Patient Portal

To learn about our becoming a patient: Being a Patient