Our Mission

Our purpose, simply stated, is to assist you, our patient, in achieving your highest health potential and in minimizing disease impairments that limit you from enjoying a quality life. As our main focus, we will strive to treat you with dignity, kindness, respect, and intention!

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Although an old-fashioned idea, we at Cardiology Wellness Center feel that it is a privilege to be of service to our patients. We care about you as individuals and consider it an honor to serve you. We understand that you have choices in medical services and appreciate that you are willing to give us a chance to assist you in not only treating but also educating you about your health.

Our main aim is to prevent disease using the highest level of evidence based and scientifically sound medical scence, which includes lifestyle modification, neutraceuticals when appropriate, and rational use of pharmaceutical agents.

Personal accountability for one’s health is expected. The more informed you are about your health, the more empowered you will be in dealing with issues effecting your health.  We believe, “Knowledge is power!” The more knowledgable you are about your health and any diseases you have, the more likely you will be to take actions to ensure good health and institute corrective action to reduce the disease consequences on your lives.

Over the last thirty years of being a physician, I have seen the system of healthcare change radically, which from my perspective has worsened the relationship between the patient and the healthcare giver. Despite the challenges of the shifting medical system, I remain resolute to provide the highest level of service that my abilities allow. Although  health care givers are despondent, frustrated by the little time that the system allows in interacting with their patients and frustrated about the red tape buitlt into the system of the medical insurance and formulary system, I remain enthusiastic about practicing medicine. For whatever reason, I have never lost sight of my real purpose as a physician- to be of service to others. I have not been jaded by the difficulties in practicing medicine in these challenging economic times. I still believe in the sanctity of life and specialness that emerges from the sacred relationship between the patient and the health care giver.

Everyone in this practice has been especially selected because they are genuinely caring, open, and life-affirming individuals.  We believe that everyone is entitled to good medical care, to be treated with respect and consideration. We know that “what comes around, goes around”, and one day, when we become patients, which we all we be one day, we hope that someone will take the same interest in us as we did with our patients. We still view the care of patients to be a highest order of responsibility. To be entrusted with decisions affecting the lives of others is a tall order. That is not say that we do not have a bad day, that we sometimes fall short, and that we are always “on”. However it is our intention to serve and to serve well. We still believe in the magic that we call “life”. We believe in the sanctity of life. We approach each individual trying to avoid any preconceptions, judgments, or prejudices. Regardless of color, creed, origins, or gender, we consider all individuals to be deserving of competent and compassionate medical care. We attempt, sometimes more successfully than others, in understanding the individual as a unique, complex, and basically good being.  We treat seriously the opportunity to be of service to you. I have always said, “If I could only return the favors that my patients have bestowed upon me over the years, I will have been a supremely successful physician.”

HippocratesThe function of protecting and developing health must rank even above that of restoring it when it is impaired.”

– Hippocrates “Father of Medicine”


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