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Meet Our Staff, Our Philosophy, and Our Approach to Medicine

Our Staff

Although this is a small, boutique cardiology practice, with two practitioners, Dr. Hal Roseman and nurse practitioner Donna Comer, the experience and breath of cardiovascular knowledge represented by the two practitioners is substantial.

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Dr. Hal Roseman has been trained in all phases of general cardiology, including echocardiographic and nuclear imaging testing, pacemaker technology and implantation, and invasive and interventional treatments (such as cardiac catherization, angioplasty, and stent implantation). However, over the last decade, Dr. Roseman has concentrated on preventive health management and maintenance.

Our nurse practitioner, Donna Comer, RN, MSN, C-FNP, BC-ADM, has been with the practice since 2001. She is an experienced practitioner, with specialized training in cardiovascular  medicine and diabetes, including being a certified diabetic educator.

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What distinguishes this practice from other medical services?

  • Our Health and Medical Philosphy

Although an old-fashioned idea, we at Cardiology Wellness Center feel that it is a privilege to be of service to our patients. We care about you as individuals and consider it an honor to serve you.

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  • Our Approach to Health Care of our Patients

We at Cardiology Wellness Center recognize the importance of an holistic healthcare approach and believe that the best approach to an individual’s health problems is an integrative approach using allopathic and aternative medical approach. Our goal is to develop for each individual a personalized treatment program that takes into account his/her own belief system about medical treatment.

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  • Our Diagnostic Approaches to Patient’s Problems

At Cardiology Wellness Center, we attempt to match efficiently diagnostic tests appropriate for the conditions of concern. We use both standard and traditional cardiovascular imaging and laboratory diagnostic testing services as well as alternative functional, hormonal, enzymatic testing when fitting.

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  • Our Policies

As a patient, you should expect a confidential environment in which you can express yourself. We at Cardiology Wellness Center takes seriously our ethical and legal obligations to you to maintain your personal information.

In addition, our services are rendered to facilitate health but come with a cost. A payment for our services are expected at the time of service. Certainly, in this economically challenging environment, we do not want to cause unnecessary stress; therefore we are willing to consider payment programs to suit your financial needs.

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How to become a patient? 

Are you willing to undergo a careful evaluation of your health? The following material is offered an introduction to being a patient and what you should expect. Let’s get started. And what should you expect?    

Being a Patient