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The Cardiology Wellness Center is a consultative-based clinical practice directed to primary and secondary prevention of cardiovascular diseases, improving vascular biological health by enhancing endothelial cellular function, and by using evidence-based medicine and lifestyle modification. Preventive cardiology is involved in protecting the body from cardiovascular diseases. My practice focuses on reducing the risk of heart disease, vascular disease, and strokes by treating risk factors, such as cholesterol, diabetes, blood pressure, and overweight and nutritional issues.

We are particularly skilled in treating complex cardiovascular and metabolic conditions, such as hypertension, lipid disorders, insulin resistance and diabetes, as well as the full spectrum of cardiovascular diseases, including coronary artery diseases (e.g., heat attacks, angina), cerebrovascular diseases (e.g., strokes and transient ischemic attacks), arrhythmias (e.g., atrial fibrillation), and heart failure.

If you tired of institutional style medicine and are allowed only a small amount of time with your physician, you may want to consider a consultation at Cardiology Wellness Center. We spend time with our patients and devise a personal plan for each individual using integrative medical techniques, combining the best of the allopathic and alternative medicine. You can think of us as a practice with old fashion ideas and cutting edge technology. When was the last time you spent more than 20 minutes with your physician? Our patients do all the time!

We look forward to be of service to you and your family.

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Although a smalll boutique practice, our staff offers a life-time of extensive cardiovascular and diabetes clinical experiences and more importantly, a compassionate and personalized approach to medical care. To learn more about: our staff

Although an old-fashioned idea, we at Cardiology Wellness Center feel that it is a privilege to be of service to our patients. We care about you as individuals and consider it an honor to serve you. To learn more about: our mission

Our goal is to develop for each individual a personalized but scientific-based treatment program that takes into account his/her own belief system about medical care. To learn more about: our approach

Becoming one of the members of our patient family.

If you feel that based upon what you have read that our practice would be a good fit for your needs and conditions and if you are interested in becoming one of our family patient members, then continue to the following pageBeing a Patient